Rooftop Grease Containment


Rooftop Grease Containment Service in Oklahoma City, OK

Hood Vent Pros is a local hood cleaning company that offers a catalog of cleaning services. We have trucks, equipment, and seasoned technicians prepared to clean and maintain your rooftop grease traps.


Local businesses in Oklahoma City have been relying on our exceptional kitchen cleaning services for years. Our company began serving businesses with grease trap maintenance and exhaust hood cleaning, and we have come a long way since our conception and still strive to excel in our industry and exceed the expectations of our clients.


We offer high-quality grease trap cleaning in Oklahoma City, OK and nearby communities. Contact Hood Vent Pros now to receive more details and ask for our Oklahoma City restaurant grease trap cleaning estimate.

rooftop grease containment and hood fan cleaning by Hood Vent Pros

Aside from the visual aesthetic, grease trap maintenance will improve safety and sanitation and help maintain good ventilation across the kitchen and dining area.


What can you do to ensure your rooftop grease containment is clean and safe to use? Call Hood Vent Pros. We would be happy to answer your grease trap inquiries and schedule a service!

Why You Need A Rooftop Grease Containment For Your Oklahoma City Business

With a kitchen exhaust system, all FOGs and other contaminants are brought to the rooftop, which is why your establishment needs rooftop grease containment that ensures that all residue is collected and doesn’t cause damage to the structure of the building.


Establishments that run commercial kitchens need to have rooftop grease traps to ensure that the property and people are protected from contaminants.


  • Grease containment traps all residues including grease, dirt, oil vapors, and small food debris in a steel basin to prevent oil and grease spills on the roof.
  • Oil or grease spills because of inadequate containment systems can be an environmental hazard or cause severe health issues as well as expensive damage to the roof structure.
  • The NFPA 96 requires all commercial kitchens that do intensive cooking to install grease traps and comprehensive capture systems.

    Hood Vent Pros Rooftop Grease Trap Cleaning Services

    Are you tired of cleaning grease spills on your rooftop over and again? Cannot handle the frustrations of keeping the rooftop grease containment clean and safe? We understand your torments.

    Hood Vent Pros knows exactly what it is like to deal with residue. That is why we are here to offer the best Oklahoma City grease trap cleaning.


    • Inspection. Rooftop grease containment comes in different forms. It is crucial that your type of business has the right grease collection system. We begin our service by inspecting the system you have and offering initial insights.
    • Collection and Transportation. Our expert technicians will collect the FOGs, dirt, and residues from the grease trap and then get rid of them, making sure that they do not spill elsewhere or cause damage during the process.
    • Pressure washing and emergency clean up. With intensive use of the kitchen exhaust system, the rooftop vents and fans will accumulate a tremendous amount of grease. Our pressure washing can get rid of the oil spilled on the roof and easily remove the thick sludge from your grease traps.
    • Vacuuming. Sometimes the containment systems have debris stuck on their walls and must be taken out. Our team will always ensure to finish the job with a vacuum.
      rooftop hood cleaning

      Rooftop grease containment can be as simple as a steel basin that collects all the grease, or it can be a comprehensive system covering the base of the out blast fans. We can service all kinds of grease collection systems.

      It is extremely important that you tend to your rooftop grease containment. At Hood Vent Pros, we can maintain your rooftop grease collection system. Call us to schedule a consultation or to receive a free quote!

      Top Oklahoma Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

      Grease spill on your roof? We got you!

      Hood Vent Pros is a hood cleaning service operated by qualified people. We are the Oklahoma City exhaust hood technicians you need for your rooftop grease traps.


      • We know everything about proper rooftop grease containment maintenance.

      • We follow a safe and efficient process for the collection and disposal of residues, fats, oils, and grease.

      • We are here to ensure the cooking grease does not damage your roof. We can recommend a suitable grease containment system suitable for your kitchen operation.

      For years, our team has excelled in all aspects of kitchen cleaning, exceeding our customer’s expectations in the process. If you want to stay on top of your game, contact Hood Vent Pros for your kitchen hood or grease trap cleaning needs! Ask for our rooftop grease trap cleaning estimate!

      Do Not Fail Your Inspection and Customers!

      It is standard to have a rooftop grease containment installed, but having it serviced regularly is just as important as it will keep your business safe.

      You can trust us to perform the best grease trap cleaning. We do not just scrub and hope that your containment system is not going to pose any risks afterward. We will go the extra mile to ensure everything is in perfect order.

      Our expert technicians will clean your rooftop grease containment properly, performing the best kitchen cleaning practices that are efficient, safe, and will prolong the life of your equipment.

      Get in touch with Hood Vent Pros today and schedule your next rooftop grease trap cleaning with us!