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If you are looking for kitchen cleaning services in Norman, OK, you found the right place. Hood Vent Pros is an Oklahoma-based kitchen hood cleaning company offering unrivaled cleaning services including hood cleaning, exhaust system cleaning, and rooftop grease containment.


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Your Restaurant in Norman, OK Needs Professional Hood Cleaning!

Oklahoma. There are also several attractions and activities to do like axe throwing and biking. The city also offers a diverse range of culinary options. That means there are hundreds of food options wherever you go!


Whether your business is a restaurant, a pub or bar, a cafe, or a cafeteria, talk to us!


Norman, OK has strict guidelines when it comes to the safety and cleanliness of food-service businesses, which includes maintaining the hygiene of kitchen equipment such as the exhaust hood system. To maintain a healthy environment for your customers and staff, you need to have your kitchen equipment professionally cleaned.


As a leading provider of kitchen exhaust system cleaning in Norman, OK, we are proud to help businesses achieve a high level of standards of hygiene. Hiring our professional kitchen cleaning services means getting long-lasting benefits you can enjoy.


  • Significantly reduce risks of food-borne illnesses.
  • Improve your commercial kitchen’s appearance and hygiene.
  • Maintain fully functioning commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Keep a safe workplace for your kitchen staff.
  • Create a positive impression on your customers.
  • Increase the quality of airflow in your establishment.
  • Comply with all applicable Norman, OK safety and health regulations.
  • Increase energy efficiency and prevent fire hazards.
  • Protect your establishment, especially the roof structure of the building.
  • Contribute to keeping the community and environment safe, healthy, and clean.


Hood Vent Pros is Norman, OK’s best kitchen cleaning company you will work with. Our cleaning services are planned to suit the individual needs of our clients. Connect with our hood cleaning specialists today!

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Norman, OK

Hood Vent Pros Kitchen Equipment Cleaning in Norman, OK


Hood Vent Pros is proud to offer the best hood cleaning, exhaust system cleaning, and rooftop grease containment services for food service businesses in Norman, OK. Our kitchen equipment cleaning services are designed to provide a multitude of benefits not only for business owners but to the local community as well.


As a reliable Norman, OK kitchen cleaning company, we offer fairly priced services that have long-lasting results.

Hood Cleaning in Norman, Oklahoma

This is an essential service we offer to help businesses reduce food-borne illnesses. Harmful contaminants can accumulate in the kitchen hood over time, so it is crucial to deep clean the range hood and its components to help maintain its performance and ensure it is sanitized. Our Oklahoma hood cleaning experts are trained to clean kitchen hoods using the best equipment and methods.

Exhaust System Cleaning

The exhaust hood system removes smoke and heat to help maintain ventilation, especially in the food prep area. A clogged exhaust system will not work as intended, and so must be serviced every once in a while. Our exhaust hood system cleaning in Norman, OK uses specialized tools to clean the ductwork, vents, and exhaust fans to reduce the risk of kitchen fires and improve the airflow in your kitchen.


Rooftop Grease Containment

A grease containment system is essential for food-service establishments. Whether the business is a restaurant, a hotel and resort, or a club that prepares food, a grease trap should be in place. The city of Norman, OK has strict regulations that all businesses must follow. Hood Vent Pros can help ensure your business remains compliant by giving your roof grease traps thorough cleaning. Our rooftop grease containment will remove the collected grease and dirt on the roof and stop it from posing fire and environmental hazards.


As your local hood cleaning company in Oklahoma, we are committed to giving the best kitchen cleaning services that our Norman, OK clients deserve. Contact us to talk with one of our hood cleaning specialists about your cleaning needs and request a free hood cleaning estimate!

A Norman, OK Kitchen and Exhaust Hood Cleaning Team Right For Your Business

We know our way around Norman, Oklahoma. Our team of expert hood cleaners has taken clients from all over the city with cleaning projects, no matter the size of the job. As a leading hood cleaning provider, we are proud to have strong ties with local businesses. We have completed many hood cleaning services in and near Norman, OK.


At Hood Vent Pros, we understand the importance of keeping commercial kitchen equipment free of grease buildup through professional cleaning services, we always stay up-to-date with the local guidelines and significant improvements in the industry. You can expect our team to accommodate your needs and offer the best kitchen cleaning solutions. 


So, whether your business is a small cafe or a busy, high-end restaurant, we are the experts in kitchen and hood cleaning for you. Our mission is to provide kitchen cleaning services that will have the most benefit to the community and our clients.


If you want to hire our hood cleaning company, call us to discuss your needs or request a free kitchen equipment cleaning quote.

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Hood Vent Pros can take your commercial kitchen to the next level of excellence. How? By providing the best kitchen and exhaust hood cleaning services in Norman, OK. We are the team of professionals that will help achieve your cleaning goals!

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